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For Horse and Rider

TRIANA'S Dressage  training

Committed to making a difference in the world of Dressage training, Triana takes an individual approach with each and every rider under her care; with a focus on building a foundation from the ground--and seat--up. 

Triana understands the dynamics of biomechanics of both horse and rider. She excels at helping riders understand how the function of their bodies in movement can work to achieve optimal rhythym and balance with the movement of the horse. The result is happy horse and riders!

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meet the team

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The Lesson Horses

Triana's lesson program teaches the rider how to bring out the best in each and every horse. Each of the lesson horses have something different to teach the rider.

TRIANa Pangcric

Triana’s talents include bringing horses and students from Training to FEI levels. From just broke 3-year olds to Grand Prix horses—and from experienced beginning riders up through the levels—her goal is to develop a correctly trained, fulfilling partnership between both horse and rider.



Triana restarted my beautiful boy after almost 2 years off; my vet thinking he could never be ridden again. Starting him very slowly on the ground, Triana worked patiently, ensuring he became fit and strong before taking the next step. Bo is making phenomenal progress, thanks to Triana!

Tami H.

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