Foaled in 2006, Ben (racing name, “Brendasgoldennugget”) is an OTTB that was adopted in 2014 by Janell Cedarstrom. Triana took Ben under her wing, training him up as a lesson horse as he demonstrated such care and concern for his riders. The fact he is so rider conscious was demonstrated when he risked his own physical well-being to save his owner’s life after a slide going uphill. Ben is great with kids and adults alike!


Jake is a 16 year old Percheron Paint cross. His patience, and consistent awareness of the rider's balance and confidence level, makes him the perfect horse for beginning riders. Jake loves having his shoulders and withers scratched and is a pushover for carrots and apples!


Arthur, aka "Fonzie," is a 15 year old TB gelding. Very reliable, kind, and well educated in multiple disciplines, Arthur loves giving dressage and jumping lessons. He is sweet and very goofy. He loves carrots and lots of kisses. 

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